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HH‑66 Vinyl Cement 4 oz

HH‑66 Vinyl Cement 4 oz

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HH‑66 Vinyl Cement 4 OZ

One of the finest quality vinyl cement glues on the market today is the HH 66 Adhesive Vinyl Cement brand. The HH-66 vinyl cement glue dries very fast. It will bond to any vinyl and hold up very tight. We highly recommend customers use HH-66 vinyl cement glue to repair your inflatables, but it's versatile usage is exceptional for so many other tasks as well.

The HH 66 Adhesive Vinyl Cement creates super strong, flexible bonds for vinyl coated and laminated fabrics. This vinyl cement glue is waterproof and highly resistant to extreme weather and temperatures, making it an absolutely superior product for patching and sealing. This is a top quality vinyl cement for the inflatable industry. It comes with an application brush and is Made in the USA. Not for use on fabrics, headliners and carpet.

Available Sizes
  • 128 oz (Gallon)
  • 32 oz (Quart)
  • 16 oz (Pint)
  • 8 oz
  • 4 oz

  • Exceptional Bond Strength
  • Easy Application by brush or roller
  • Fast Drying - Ready in Minutes
  • Waterproof - Outstanding resistance to temperature and weather extremes, chemicals, oil, fuel and grease
  • Versatile - Use for fabricating, repairing, sealing stitched seams
  • Remains Flexible
  • Clear color
  • Made in the USA
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